IceStone White Pearl surface installed in a kitchen in Austin, TX by Heimsath Architecture.

What a gorgeous and clean space!!!

Contemplating a renovation project and not sure how to get started? Register for this IceStone sponsored event on April 16th to learn more about what is takes to renovate!

IceStone employee Sarah Corey on the factory floor for a SAP North America photoshoot for a Brochure titled, “The Power of Small” — Insights from New York City’s Entrepreneurs. 

You look great Sarah!

Anthony Collins Photography

IceStone is made from natural ingredients. Our surfaces are as green as they come. No resin or any other synthetic materials included. 

IceStone surfaces are made from 100% recycled glass. The colored transparency makes IceStone a romantic and alluring addition to any home or office. 

Back in October Hurricane Sandy hit the New York City Area. This storm devastated the IceStone Factory located in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. These area few photos that do not even begin to describe the total amount of damage that Sandy caused. 


World Water Day: 10 Facts You Probably Don’t Know About Water … But Should

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China is considered the most polluted country in the world! Sustainable measures like in-house water recycling needs to be a priority for manufacturers around the globe. Here at IceStone we do our part by recycling 100% of our waste water in our manufacturing facility.

A beautiful kitchen remodel in Portland, OR featuring IceStone Alpine White surface! Design by Howells Architecture + Design, LLC. 

Check our their portfolio here:

We have a new smaller, compact and elegant display stand! So excited to ship these out to our retailers!

IceStone Persimmon Surface installed in a kitchen application in a New York City home. 

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